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Monticello Park cleaning / Scout rank skills review - 2PM Sunday

Posted by rberlett on May 24 2024 - 11:28pm

We will perform our monthly cleaning of Monticello Park. Let us honor the sacrifice of those who gave the ultimate price in service to our Country by giving a little bit back to our community.

Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops

Posted by rberlett on May 24 2024 - 11:03pm
On June 1 we will have an ILST (Intro to Leadership Skills for Troops) course, which will take place in the Scout room between 8 am and 4 pm, together with some scouts from T.130 and Mr. Gutierrez - sign up is open.

Swim Tests at Chinquapin

Posted by rberlett on Apr 27 2024 - 7:00am
We have 2 sessions scheduled at Chinquapin Rec Center. The first will replace our Troop meeting on 4/30 at 7:00 PM. We have two lanes reserved and most Scouts should try to attend this.
The second on Weds 5/8 at 7:00 PM has only one lane reserved, and is available as a backup option.
There may be additional sessions later, depending on the number of tests that aren't completed.
As we get ready to go rafting in May and summer camps at Pipsico and Bechtel Summit in coming months, we all need to get swim certified (yes, including adults that will be participating in water-born activities). Here is a link to the Scouts BSA swimmer classifications and test requirements:
There are two swim tests scheduled for next week so that Scouts and adults can get certified. Please try to come to at least one so we don't have to schedule and pay for another session. 
Additionally, there should be an opportunity for Scouts to knock-out some 2nd and 1st Class advancements and Swimming merit badge requirements in the diving well. To accomplish this, new Scouts and those doing the merit badge will have swim testing priority so that they can move to advancement stations.
After tests and requirements, Scouts are typically able to use the pool recreationally


May Rafting Trip

Posted by rberlett on Apr 27 2024 - 5:47am

Event Details:
We will meet in the Westminster Presbyterian Church parking lot at 5:30 Friday 17 May and drive to Low Water Bridge Campground where we will camp for the evening. Saturday morning we'll cook breakfast in the campsite and then depart on the rafting trip mid-morning. Saturday night we will again camp at Low Water Bridge Campsite and Sunday morning we'll eat breakfast in camp and then complete the rafting trip. Total rafting distance over both days will be approximately 23 miles. The campsite has bathrooms, showers, and running water. We will be home before dinner Sunday evening. This event will be a great time for Scouts of all experience levels AND adults!

Summit Bechtel High Adventure - August 2024

Posted by rberlett on Apr 27 2024 - 5:46am

Last chance to add onto this trip before extra spaces are offered up to outside groups.

 Experience 7 days of High Adventure on a 50-mile paddle trek on the New River. You will navigate the upper portion of the river in inflatable kayaks (one or two-man) called “duckies”. This portion of the river includes Class I to III rapids. The final whitewater day in the Lower Canyon is a rafting experience and includes Class III to IV rapids. Crews camp along the river through the New River Gorge. A gear boat (raft) accompanies the group to transport gear and food.

National Youth Leadership Training

Posted by rberlett on Apr 27 2024 - 5:45am
Registration is open for summer sessions at Camp Snyder in late June and July. NYLT is a valuable 6 day program for Scouts to learn leadership skills for Scouts and life. Scouts must be 13 or older, have completed the Troop's Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST) class, which will be offered early this year again, 1st Class rank and be recommended by the Scoutmaster. These sessions book quickly so please see Mr. Berlett if you are interested and check out the link 


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